Chairperson’s Message

除舊迎新! I am so excited to welcome all to our community and the new website!

CSC USA, a 501-c3 NJ non-profit organization, was established in 1971. It was created by a group of young Taiwanese parents in the hope that their children would have a chance to learn Chinese language and culture. Today CSC USA is a diverse community, welcoming people of all backgrounds who share a love for Chinese culture. We provide language and cultural lessons to the community through Bergen Chinese School, Bohua Chinese School, the Metropolitan Chinese Culture Camp, and adult enrichment classes.

Each year, our community spirit culminates around the time of Chinese New Year, in a most joyous event called “Chinese New Year Celebration” (CNYC.) This celebration features talent shows by our students and teachers, food court with homemade dishes by our parents, raffle prizes donated by our sponsors, and artwork display by our language and enrichment classes. It is an event that creates fond memories and cements great friendship!

I am honored to serve as the chairperson this year. In my 11 years with the organization, I have had the privilege to work alongside many talented, long-time volunteers. I am inspired by their passion, generosity, and persistence – the qualities that saw us through times both good and challenging. This year, we have many new volunteers join the board, bringing in fresh energy and new visions. This new website is just a start!

I am proud and honored to be part of this community. I thank many of my mentors, friends, volunteers, and my family’s support. I look forward to accomplishing wonderful things with our community in 2014 and beyond.

Sharon Ma