Bohua Chinese School

The community of Bohua Chinese School warmly welcomes the students of families from the many Chinese-speaking countries, as well as those who wish to experience the language for the first time, to traditional Chinese instruction. We offer a courteous learning environment for those seeking traditional Chinese instruction, along with a special study track for students whose families are new to Mandarin. Our Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) classes specifically target the learning essentials needed by the students of non-Mandarin speaking households.

The forefathers of Bohua founded the school with the desire of creating an atmosphere for students to truly understand the historical, cultural, and lingual beauty of Mandarin. Each succeeding generation of parents, teachers, and administrators work tirelessly to respect the integrity of the school mission.

The Bohua community is like a family, being cooperatively managed by the students’ parents and active volunteers whose children have graduated. The many opportunities for parents to get involved in include planning, programming, and community outreach. Some even take the chance to learn the language themselves! These prospects allow for the school to bond even closer than just a student body.

Our native Mandarin speaking instructors teach our students traditional Chinese characters using both the zhuyin and pinyin phonetic systems to educate based on individual needs. Because of the small class sizes, teachers are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with students. We integrate many Chinese customs through storytelling, rhyming games, songs, and arts and crafts to compliment traditional reading and writing lessons. Furthermore, we hold a speech contest each semester to allow the students to express themselves in traditional poetry, philosophy, and other topics of interest. In preparation for the Chinese New Year Festival, all of the classes come together to prepare collaborative acts for the special celebration and its cultural importance.



For more information, please visit our website.

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