Help the Earthquake Victims in Taiwan


新澤西中文學校協會及中美文化協會即日起開始接受各校及家長捐款。每筆捐款,都會開立收據以便為 抵稅之用,請將中英姓名,電話,email 一同附上以便處理。所得款項將統籌交付台北經文處僑教中心滙至災區。

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake hit Taiwan on 2/6 early morning. People were killed , injured and lost their home. Association of New Jersey Chinese Schools (ANJCS) and Chinese American Cultural Association (CACA) will start collecting donations from all our Chinese schools. Please provide your Name, Phone number and e-mail address so we can send you receipt for TAX deduct as needed. All money will be sent to Taiwan through Taipei Economic and Cultural Office/ Culture and Education Center.

Make check payable to: ANJCS
Note: For Taiwan Earthquake
Mail to
ANJCS Taiwan Earthquake
PO Box 11086
New Brunswick, NJ 08906

Thank you

President of ANJCS / CACA
Peter Jen / Liching Wu